Digital Freight can provide you with peace of mind when sending freight to EC countries following Brexit

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Brexit has changed the way that freight is moving between the United Kingdom and the rest of the EC. In most cases administration time and costs have risen, and often the time it takes to get something from A to B has also increased.

At Digital Freight you can leave all those challenges to us as we have a network of customs agents throughout Europe so we can clear customs in all major European countries and every major UK port. We also have hubs in Europe where customers can store their cargo.

These agents can provide Delivered at Place (DAP) and Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) services and can offer indirect fiscal customs clearance to allow customers to act as their own importer of record in Europe. Your shipments will never be held up in customs as we take care to ensure they are always fully compliant prior to shipping.

Our Groupage services to Europe and Fast Express and dedicated services into Europe, Ireland and Northern Ireland have proven extremely popular to develop more of a cost-effective freighting solution for companies – we consolidate freight onto single or multiple pallets and control the delivery process to include electronic Proof of Delivery (POD) and real time tracking.

Get in touch with us on how you can hand over your freighting to Digital Freight while enabling you to spend more time running your business. We are pro-active and will quickly adapt to your changing needs by looking at the most cost-effective solution by road, sea, and air.

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